It’s been a few months since my mother’s computer started to be very lazy and stubborn. It looked like the computer had its own will and didn’t care about the user and his wishes.Things being clicked and not working, restarting itself or closing suddenly, the general “freeze” attitude of the computer made me suspect there’s an infection around.

So far I couldn’t find time to investigate and to go to the root of the problem because I had to solve particular issues in order to keep my mother “wired”. But 2 days ago I said…mother, let’s clean up your computer!

I started by connecting to her computer using TeamViewer (a free tool used for remote connection ) and I looked to see if there’s  an anti-virus solution installed. There was installed a non-functional version of Norton(I didn’t bother to find out why it didn’t work) so the first thing I did was to throw it out!

I checked to see the free space available. There were 5GB on drive C and 14GB on drive E. So, it wasn’t a free space issue. It’s really important to make sure that your computer isn’t overloaded.Some people forget that the computer also has to “breathe”.(that means that it needs some space for its background processes)

Then, I struggled to connect to the internet. I decided to do first an online scan. I chose the Quick Scan from BitDefender because I knew it will only take for 30 seconds. I found a lot of trojans and worms. No wonder the computer acted so strange!

I downloaded BitDefender Internet Security 2009(it’s my favorite anti-virus solution) with 30 days of trial and I scanned again the computer. It took all night long, because there were so many files and archives and the computer was itself very slow .So many viruses were found, worms and trojan, that I was surprised to see  the computer still running.

Some of the security issues were fixed right away, but others didn’t. That’s what happens when you don’t have pro-active protection!In fact, some nasty worms were eating the insides of my mother’s Windows. Of course, disinfecting such a file means pretty much deleting it, which is really dangerous when we’re talking about a system file.

The anti-virus did worn me about the possibility  of harming the operating system but  I didn’t pay any attention to that message.  Very big mistake!


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