For those of you who have little knowledge on computer security , a virus might look something like that:


It’s almost a reflex to imagine something harmful as a  being ugly and disgusting. The picture is completed by the sight of this “being ” crawling, hiding from the light and spreading disease all around. That’s not so accurate in computer world, but close enough!

Actually, a computer virus looks more like 1010001111010101100111100000110010111111111000000011111111100110000000000000000000000111110. Let’s try to put it in a more…”shaped-like ” form!

Some might contradict me when I say that most of the computer viruses are written in assembler. My strong argument is that a virus needs to be very small and efficient. The only way to avoid unnecessary lines of code in the body of a computer virus is to write it directly into the assembly language. In order to clear that thing  out we should take a pool along the virus-writing hackers. Instead, we shall analyze a very simple virus called Mini 44.


Don’t panic and do not shut down the computer, you are not infected!!!:)))This is not a dangerous virus because even the lamest anti-virus out there can detect it and disinfect you computer. The reason I brought to your attention this computer virus is for you to be able to understand how a computer virus behaves.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything about this assembly language I told you about. I shall make it easy for you! Just take a couple of minutes to think about it, and then read the next article about the Mini 44 virus.


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